Located in the Adelaide Aquatic Centre, we are a North Adelaide Physiotherapist with a focus on rehabilitation and training.

Our goal is to become the #1 physiotherapy clinic in Adelaide, and to do that we deliver results that speak for themselves.

If you are serious about becoming pain-free, and are prepared to put in the work outside of sessions with us, I welcome you to join 1000’s of people who have changed their life with our professional treatment, support, training and advice.

We are up to the challenge. Are you?

Stacey Stoneman
Bachelor Physiotherapy
Bachelor Sports Science

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Headaches &



Acute & Chronic
Back Pain

Acute & Chronic
Knee Pain


I have been treating and training people in the fitness and physiotherapy fields for fifteen years and have developed a greater understanding of how to get patients from an injured or painful state to a healthy physical state where they can be pain free and excel in what they chose to do.

I have combined sports science and physiotherapy to develop rehabilitation programs that take patients further than they thought possible. This is based on really refining movements and developing stability within small ranges to gain better control of your body. I have found that most people are sore simply because they have lost this fine muscle control and strength.

Of special interest is pathologies of the lower limbs(legs) and back. I have found that most people are sore because they lack strength and control in their feet which leads to excess strain throughout your legs, hips and back resulting in injury and pain.

All of the prinicples and knowledge I apply to treatment I have applied to myself that’s why I know using exercise in a very specific manner combined with manual therapy works. I have had pain in the same places people commonly have pain. I have had low grade back pain, chronic knee pain, shoulder tendinitis, aching feet and it is these very conditions that caused me to continue to look further for answers and develop effective treatment and rehabilitation plans. That is why today at 40 years old I can still play basketball with twenty year olds and have no pain and no discomfort. I am better now than at 20 years old!

My goal is to help others achieve this same state of being, no pain, no discomfort, no barriers. I know you can do it too.

“Stacey is consistently professional, organised and approachable. His experience in personal training compliments his Adelaide physiotherapy practice, with warm reassurance and encouragement that affirmed my progress and helped to rebuild my confidence.”


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