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the treatment - pain cycleFor those wanting to reach another level of physical wellbeing. The Stoneman Method was developed from a need to achieve better and more sustainable outcomes for those suffering from chronic pain and injury of the lower limbs and back.

The aim of the Stoneman Method is to break the treatment cycle that so many people fall into. This cycle follows a pattern of pain then treatment followed by another cycle of pain then treatment for the same affliction. This results in the patient going around in circles believing that their condition cannot be improved upon.

However there is another way. With a combination of physiotherapy and sports science an improved treatment regimen can be achieved; one in which the patient continues to improve and progresses with each visit. This is based on the precise application of specific exercises to build stability. When stability is achieved the majority of conditions and pain can be relieved.

the treatment - treatment cycleThe goal becomes not one of only pain relief but of progressing from a rehabilitative state i.e. pain, to a higher level in which you can start to build fitness and strength to enjoy your life fully.

The Stoneman method does require active involvement from the patient, however the exercises that are prescribed do not require much time and if done regularly the effect will become accumulative therefore they will not need to be done as much in the future.

Now is the time to break the treatment cycle and start moving forward.

Stacey Stoneman
Bachelor Physiotherapy
Bachelor Sports Science

“Without Stacey’s rather left of field (compared to other physio treatments), I have no doubt that I would still be suffering from recurring hamstring strains. I have now included all of Stacey’s exercises in my training regime without any relapses.”


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